You Can Try Acro Yoga on a Stand-Up Paddle Board This Summer

Aqua Vida is teaming up with acro yoga pro Rob Li for two on-the-water workshops.

Photograph courtesy Rob Li.

I have now done stand-up paddle board yoga a grand total of twice. The first time, I fell into the water. The second time, I moved a lot slower and avoided getting soaked. Both times, I was shocked at just how hard “easy” yoga poses could be when you’re doing your best to balance on a floating board that’s bobbing in the water.

But for those who are up for a real challenge, there’s acro yoga on a stand-up paddle (SUP) board. In these classes, you’re not only trying to make sure you don’t fall in — you’ve also got a partner you’re holding onto for dear life.

Thankfully, there are some expert instructors who will guide you through. Rob Li, the acro yogi who’s on a mission to lift 10,000 people, will lead the workshop with Aqua Vida’s Jana Mars, who’s a SUP yoga pro herself. If you’re totally new to acro yoga, they’ll first coach you through the moves on dry land before moving you onto the water.

But while Li is excellent at leading acro yoga novices through poses, there’s still a high probability you’ll fall into the water. That’s why the classes take place at high tide at the Penn’s Landing Marina — so just make sure you wear a bathing suit and bring a towel, and you’ll be fine.

The classes will feature four SUP boards with two people per board. Because that means only eight people can take the class at one time, the plan is to run three back-to-back SUP acro yoga sessions.

Currently, there are two SUP acro yoga workshops on the calendar — one on June 24 and the second on July 17. Tickets to participate are $20, and you can reserve your board here.

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