The Checkup: SoulCycle Just Unveiled a New (Bike-Free!) Fitness Concept

And more healthy news to start your week!

• We waited patiently for SoulCycle to finally (finally!) open up in our neck of the woods, and now it seems they’ve given us something new to pine for: SoulAnnex. The company just debuted a new — bike-free — fitness-studio concept in NYC. Now, we’ll just be over here hoping they have plans to bring the concept to Philly. [Well + Good]

• LaCroix devotee? Good ol’ Vintage Seltzer gal? Mountain Valley sipper? Here’s an hilarious take on what your seltzer of choice says about you. [Bon Appétit]

• Because you are better than a dinner flavored with just salt: Five easy-to-cook-with spices to, ya know, spice up your life. [Women’s Health]

Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey said he feel “a little bit like Houdini” since seemingly shedding the Whole Paycheck nickname with the Amazon buyout. But did they really shed that image, or is he speaking too soon? [Quartz]

Flu shots: Worth the prick or no? Health experts weigh in. [Vox]

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