The Checkup: How to Hack Your Strength-Training Session for the Best Results

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• When it comes to strength training, how much does it really boost your metabolism?  Preventative medicine professor Tim Church points out that our metabolisms are largely determined by elements out of our control (i.e., height, bone structure, sex, etc.). But the results you see from strength training do increase muscle mass and endurance to impact your metabolism — here’s how you can make sure you’re getting the most out of those strength-training sessions, if building muscle and boosting metabolism is your goal. [SELF]

• Hold my shopping bags. A first-of-its-kind online farmer’s market just launched, and get this: they deliver local produce to PA. BRB, blowing our last paycheck on fresh veggies. [Well + Good]

• The influx of technology to store information has put our memories on cruise control. Here, nine tips from a memory expert to get your brain in tip-top shape (and stop forgetting where your keys are).  [Women’s Health]

• Hallelujah, it’s officially fall! Celebrate with these 22 healthy fall meals (including cinnamon apple streusel bread!), thanks to the interwebs. [MindBodyGreen]

• Are you a Chipotle fiend? We’re guilty, too. But the bloating and thirstiness we get from a carb-laden, high-sodium burrito really is not fun. Here’s how to lighten up your Chipotle order without sacrificing taste. [POPSUGAR]

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