The Checkup: 6 Insider Tips for Buying Healthier Booze

And some other health-related reads to lead you into a good weekend.

• It’s finally the weekend (insert praising-hands emoji), which means you may be hitting up your local Wine & Spirits store on the way home for the makings of a well-deserved cocktail (or two). While you’re browsing the shelves, keep these six expert tips — like buying small-batch, for one — for shopping the liquor store with healthier booze options in mind. [Bon Appetit]

Alternate-nostril breathing — that’s how Hillary Clinton has been finding her happy place since the election. Here, she demonstrates it for Anderson Cooper, because TV is amazing sometimes. [The Cut]

• So you worked out really hard about two days ago, and you are your sorest today — that’s called delayed onset muscle soreness, which actually helps your muscles grow stronger. Here’s how to deal with it without skipping a workout. [POPSUGAR]

• There’s a lot of talk about gut health and the health of your gut’s microbiome, but there’s another microbiome that we need to be talking about — your mouth, which basically sets the stage for the rest of your body’s health. [MindBodyGreen]

Pets are becoming bigger and bigger parts of our lives. More people are choosing to be “pet parents” instead of actually having kids, which shows in the pet spending data for 2017 — a whopping $69 BILLION is estimated to be spent on our furry friends in the U.S. alone. [Women’s Health]

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