6 Philly Fitness and Foodie Instagrammers You Should Be Following

These folks will fill your feed with workouts to copy and guilt-free dessert recipes galore.

Nowadays, Instagram is a freakin’ well of fitness and healthy foodie inspiration. Whether it’s a perfectly garnished slice of avocado toast you’ve been drooling over or a new pair of Alo leggings you’ve been eyeing, chances are, the first place you saw it was scrolling through your Instagram feed.

It’s been a while since we last pointed to the Philly fitness and foodie Instagrammers who keep up scrolling, so below, we’ve rounded up some our favorite Philly fitness and healthy foodie Instagrammers so your feed is complete with all the inspiration — from workouts to copy to healthy dessert recipes — you need to stay on top of your health and fitness game. Because we all need a little help from our [internet] friends sometimes, right?

For workouts to copy: @_hustle.and.heart

If you’re bored with your workouts, go follow @_hustle.and.heart ASAP. Her feed is full of workout videos for when you need to break out of a gym rut. She even breaks it down for you, so you know how many sets and reps to do.

For totally doable recipes: @mad_about_food

This account is a good go-to for simple, drool-worthy healthy-eating inspiration. As a bonus, you can find recipes in some of her captions and Instagram stories.

For out-of-the-box riffs on your favorite foods: @healthcoachphilly

I used to make “alternative” (aka healthier) donuts every weekend. I need to get back to that. #bakedgoods #pregnant

A post shared by jess baumgardner (@healthcoachphilly) on

Looking for dairy-free, gluten-free donuts? How about dairy-free lemon tarts? Health coach Jess Baumgardner, co-founder of B+YND, delivers yummy, healthier sweets straight to your Insta feed, along with plenty of other heart-eye emoji-worthy eats.

For proof you can do yoga anywhere: @eigggam

No mat? No problem. @eigggam proves that the world is your yoga studio. No, really, check out her posts. She does inversions everywhere.

For workouts like you’ve never seen before: @og_fitness

Forearm Straddle #getmoney #peacelovereps #nbx #philadelphiabarleague

A post shared by OG (@og_fitness) on

When you’re looking for some jaw-dropping workout inspo, @og_fitness’s posts are sure to deliver. And his style of fitness — an interesting dance-y sort of strength training — will make you rethink your workout parameters.

For a virtual pat on the back: @jayelllewis

Jayel Lewis’s Instagram is full of chock-full of empowering captions that make you realize that it’s okay to feel however the heck you’re feeling, whether that be strong AF or totally off your game.

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