9 Philly Instagrammers Every Fitness Lover Should Be Following

Add to your feed of fitness motivation by following these fit Philly folks.

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It has been quite some (two whole years, actually!) since we gave you guys a handy cheat sheet of the best Philly fitness Instagrammers on our radar, so here it goes: Nine Philly Instagram accounts that every fitness-obsessed Philadelphian should be following, from yogis to runners to Friends of the Wissahickon (because it’s always good to know when there’s a bear roaming your favorite running trail, right?).

Check ’em out below! And psst: Next time you’re thinking of skipping your workout for a Netflix marathon, just refer back to this post. Seeing trainer Fabiana Ferrarini’s abs is sure to slap the lazy right out of you. 

If you have a kettlebell hiding in a closet somewhere, bust that baby out: This Jenkintown-based fitness trainer — with a very enviable set of abs — will turn you into a kettlebell master with her Instagram exercise tutorials.

Our 4th #LBactive #SheBLDS exercise is Honey. Try 10x R then L. 2 oppositional plank crunches + 1 see-saw heel stretch + 3 kick ups = 1 rep. Try it: In plank, w/ arms aligned under shoulders, pelvis/spine imprinted. (a) Inhale then exhale to bring R knee & L arm together (b) Inhale to press back into see-saw, opening R hip. (c) Exhale to engage abs & lower body to one long line, simultaneously heel stretching R L then lowering R foot to outside of R hand. (d). Inhale & bend L knee (e). Exhale, & keep weight in arms, L elbow soft, hips square & extend L leg. Modify see-saw on knee, bend knee during heel stretch or omit the kick up. Tight hips or hamstrings? Reduce range of motion. Ready? LB : @wearedelasoul Bodysuit: @diva.in.motion Shoes: #adidaswomen @adidaswomen #SheBLDS #lbactive #laurenboggi #fitness #instagramfitness #instafit #fitness #exerciseguide #womensfitness #exercise #workout #workoutvideo #instavideo #exercisevideo #fitfam #coreworkout #fitfluential #fit #fitspo #헬스타그램 #cardiocheersculpting

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Consider Lithe Method owner Lauren Boggi’s Instagram feed your new fitness motivation AND fitness wardrobe motivation: She posts tons of #LBActive fitness challenges, which you can do at home, and she has an arsenal of bodysuits that will make any tired-of-black-leggings fitness junkie green with envy. (Wallets, beware: She dishes on where her workout gear is from in the post captions.)

This account belongs to the photographer behind the Tattooed Yoga Project, so expect to see LOTS of tattooed yogis getting bendy, plus photos of local yoga instructors in poses that will make your jaw drop. Evidence above.

I wanted to share something personal today. As a new mom of 2 and wife I found myself looking for an outlet or a way to find myself. My husband owned a successful business which I supported, and of course as a mother I was devoted to the well-being of my children – but I needed a purpose beyond caring for my family. I have a Bachelors degree in science, I worked for a pharmaceutical company and hated it. One day a friend invited me to a Groupon Boot Camp and it CHANGED MY LIFE! It was somewhere towards the last 10 minutes of my third class. My body was drenched with sweat, my muscles were tight like rubber-bands, and I had this overall subsiding sense of pain. It was in that moment I found myself! I found my outlet, my THERAPY. The pain was not my goal – but it was the indicator that I was changing. And that change felt AMAZING. So next time you’re in the gym EMBRACE the pain because it’s your body telling you that your are CHANGING! Have a blessed Sunday! #latina #believer #curvy #loveyourself #followme #myjourney #sexybeast #faith #motivation #photooftheday #instagood #love #motivation #healthy #model #teamfabi

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Get ready for ALL the ab inspiration you will ever need from this trainer (and former Oxygen cover model!). Seriously: Just LOOK at those abs. And if you need even more fitness inspiration, her lengthy-but-filled-with-wisdom captions should do the trick.

Happy birthday week ladies! #NP_PHL #bdays #crowdsurf #boom

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This Instagram feed will do the impossible and make you feel FOMO for missing a 6:25 a.m. workout. The grassroots workout group just makes working out before sunrise look so much more fun than pressing snooze seven times. Note: If your FOMO really starts to eat at you, the group meets for free workouts at 6:25 a.m. on Wdenesdays and Fridays and anyone is welcome.

I often get asked, “How do you eat so many healthy foods, and actually enjoy the taste?” For me, my priority is to fuel my body with the most nutritient-dense foods for optimal health. I’d rather treat my body as a temple than a dumpster. I’d rather have the energy to get through my day, without feeling ravenous or on edge to binge on junk food. It takes two weeks for your body to adjust to a new way of eating. Two weeks to control cravings and fight temptations. All you need is a little motivation, support and the willingness to learn new ways to improve your own well-being. Yes, we all have those days. No one is perfect. I enjoy treating myself, but when doing so, I know that it is well-deserved and consumed in a balanced manner. My personal weight loss and fitness journey has taken me places that I am so excited about. It’s only the beginning. Things are just getting started. Take control of your health! If you’re unsure of where to start, message me. I’m here to help support your health & fitness journey any way possible. #otf #otfpaoli

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This Instagram feed is a two-for-one when it comes to healthy-living inspiration: This fitness trainer and health coach loves to get in a good workout (and she’s got all the selfies to prove it) AND a good plant-based meal. Think: oh-so-Instagram-worthy peanut butter-topped oats for breakfast and homemade sweet potato sushi rolls for dinner.

stuck in class this beautiful night wishing I was playing capoeira with my girl @christydiplodocus

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It seems this yogi will bust into an upside-down pose just about anywhere she goes — at Race Street Pier, in the woods, at Penn Treaty Park — making all your excuses for slacking on your yoga practice null and void. Now, go ahead and dust off your mat.

Calling all Philly running addicts! If you aren’t following Run215 (on Facebook, too), what are you doing with your life? That’s all.

Sometimes you need a virtual wake-up call in the form of a photo like the one above to remind you to get off the couch and get out into nature — that’s where Friends of The Wissahickon’s feed comes into play. And they’ll also give you a head up when there’s a bear roaming around Forbidden Drive, so that’s useful, too.

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