The Checkup: 3 Ways to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in Boutique Fitness Classes

And other health tips to keep you in-the-know.

• When you’re spending upward of $30 for a boutique fitness class, it helps to know you’re doing everything you can to get the most from your workout. Here, a trainer — who’s taught many a fitness class — dishes on her tips for readjusting your mindset so you can really get the most bang for your buck at your next (pricey) fitness class. [PopSugar Fitness]

• No need to grab for your fourth cup of coffee! Here, the energizing recipe you need to beat your mid-day slump. [Well + Good]

•  Turns out the little specks 60 percent of people have around the irises of their eyes could give some insight (pun intended) into their health. Eye freckles are tiny indicators of sun-related skin damage, according to new research. [Health]

• Nope, it’s not just in your head: Instagram is stressing you out. Here, what research says about social media and your health. [TIME]

• Before you break out the Advil to cure your post-workout soreness, check out these eight tricks for easing muscle aches. Hint: puppies, cinnamon, and lattes are all involved. [Greatist]

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