The Checkup: The Overlooked Sleep Mistake That’s Sabotaging Your Skin

And more health news for your Monday.

• If the last time you bought a new pillow was before Kim Kardashian met Kris Humpries, you might want to head to the store before you hit the hay tonight. Turns out an old pillow could be causing acne, allergies, exacerbating asthma, and more. [Men’s Health]

• Summer has a way of throwing your health goals off track (because frosé). Here, four simple ways to get your health routine back in order. [PopSugar]

• Time to get crackin’ on your meal prep for the week! Here, nine lazy-proof meal-prep hacks that don’t require you to do any cooking ahead of time. [SELF]

• Psst: Women only need to run for a minute a day for better bone health, according to new study. [Women’s Health]

• According to a new study, just the way you think about exercise can impact your life span. [mindbodygreen]

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