The Checkup: A Cooling Under-100-Calorie Cocktail to Make This Weekend

And other wellness tidbits for your weekend.

• Indulging in summer cocktails doesn’t mean you have to slurp upwards of 200 calories on a sugared-up drink. Here, a  guilt-free mint mojito recipe (the secret ingredient is stevia) that comes in at only 70 calories. [The Daily Meal]

• Good news: You don’t have to completely change your diet to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A new study shows that eating  just a little bit healthier helps you live longer. [TIME]

• We all know healthy grocery shopping isn’t as simple as loading your cart up with gluten-free goods. Here, a nutritionist’s grocery store tips to really score the healthy finds. Plus, find out all the healthy food-shopping mistakes you probably didn’t know you were making. [Well + Good]

• Uh-oh  it’s not just powdered mac ‘n’ cheese floating in that blue box of Kraft, there are phthalates floating around in it, too. [The New York Times]

• Your weekend festivities don’t have to cancel out all the work you put in at the gym. Here, read what you need to do right after a workout to lessen alcohol’s toll on your weight loss goals. [USA TODAY]

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