The Checkup: How to Tweak Cheat Days So You Don’t Totally Wreck Your Diet

And other noteworthy tidbits to keep you healthy.

• Splurge moments: According to Robb Wolf, author of “Wired to Eat,” those are what you should be embracing instead of cheat days (read: days when you go buck wild at the buffet, then pretend it never happened) to maintain a healthy relationship with food and keep your cravings in check. The idea is to spontaneously “cheat,” if you will. [Health]

• Summer is just so darn tasty with peaches, cherries, and berries piled high on every produce stand — and these nine recipes starring summer produce make it easy to take advantage of all the yumminess. [Greatist]

• Is Manuka honey the answer to all your skin woes? [MindBodyGreen]

• Uh-oh, if you’re a heavy exerciser, ibuprofen probably isn’t your friend, new research shows. [New York Times]

• Fact: Everyone wants to steal successful people’s secrets. Here are 10 to start with. [TIME]

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