The Checkup: The Sneaky Way Your Body Is Telling You to Change Your Workout Routine

And other wellness tips to fuel your weekend.

• Sore muscles seem to be the signifier that you crushed your gym sesh, riiiight? Well, it turns out that feeling that kicks in 24 to 48 hours after your workout, called delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, could actually be your body’s way of telling you to change your workout routine. While DOMS can be a good sign after you’ve, say, tried out SoulCycle for the first time, it can be a bad sign if you seem to be sore after every single workout. If you seem to have chronic DOMS, your body may be telling you you need more rest days or that you need to reconfigure your workout routine entirely. [SELF]

• Curious about what Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods might mean for your shopping experience? Here, food writer Mark Bittman dishes on his hopes for how Amazon’s big-dollar buy might change the grocery store. [Grub Street]

• Next time you have a hankering for a strong cup o’ joe, think about going for a light roast. Light roast has about the same caffeine content as its darker counterpart, but it’s got some subtle health benefits. Here, read why light roast coffee is healthier than dark roast. [TIME]

• Shocker — Goop just got busted for selling ineffective “healing” body stickers, which look like middle school binder decorations. [Science of Us]

• Are crunches your go-to ab workout? Turns out crunches are a lot harder than you think — in order to get a good ab workout from ’em, you need perfect form. Here are four ways you might be self-sabotaging your ab routine. [Well + Good

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