The Best Places to Work Out This Summer, According to Philly Fitness Pros

Ditch the gym and avoid the always-crowded Kelly Drive with these secret spots.

Delaware Water Gap as seen from Mt. Tammany | iStockphoto

Gina Mancuso, CoreFitness
Running spot: “I have a love-hate relationship with running the hill at Belmont Plateau. My legs hate it, but my heart and soul love it. It’s the killer burn, the smell of the fresh-cut grass, and the view of my favorite city that keep me coming back for more.” 

Hector Bones, BONES Fitness Partners
Day-hike destination: “It’s a bit of a schlep, but the Delaware Water Gap. The trails are challenging, but when you reach the top, it’s well worth it. My fiancée and I take avocado toast and coffee to enjoy at the top!”

Juliet Sabella, The Wall Cycling Studio
Outdoor boot camp: “Without a doubt, GoalsFit takes the cake. These classes go through different zip codes within a one-hour period. Trainer Kasey Manwaring has you sprint hills, plank on benches, do triceps dips on railings, all while a partner is doing jump squats over you — and that’s just the warm-up.”

Jen Crompton, FUEL Cycle Fitness
Day-hike destination: “The Perkiomen Trail, with a stop at Green Lane Park. In total, the trail is 20 miles, and it can be walked, biked or run with friends or family. Green Lane Park has a huge lake, and it’s great for a family picnic, boating or fishing.”

Kasey Manwaring, GoalsFit
Running spot: “Manayunk’s hills are easily accessible, and the opportunities are endless between the Manayunk Bridge and the Cynwyd Heritage Trail. A favorite route of mine is the ‘Quad Killer,’ a five-mile run that gets in the four big hills of Manayunk.”

Amy Carolla, Balance Chestnut Hill
Biking trail: “Heading over the bridge and riding through the Pine Barrens toward the Shore is amazing. I trained for a half Ironman using those open — and flat! — roads.”

Jordan Hankins, Fit Complex
Outdoor stairs workout: “I really like using the giant stairs on Race Street Pier. They’re about 18 inches high — perfect for plyometrics. Get creative by adding sprints in between your stair workout, and you can usually catch a good breeze off the Delaware River.”

Jayel Lewis, JL Fitness
Day-hike destination: “My favorite day-hike destination is Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. It’s located along the Appalachian in Eastern Pennsylvania and has several different trails for both beginners and intermediate hikers. It also has quite a few breathtaking views that you’d have no idea exist so close to home!”

Katie Gould, KG Strong
Running spot: “Definitely the Ben Franklin Bridge. That is my go-to run to clear my head, listen to Pod Save America, and get a hill workout without feeling crushed. Plus, you can catch spectacular sunrises and sunsets.”

Brian Maher, Philly Personal Training
Outdoor stairs workout: “My favorite place is the Art Museum steps — but not the ones everyone thinks of. The main steps are packed, so I use the steps off to the right side of the main entrance. There’s never anyone there, there’s some shade, and you can see tourists’ funny poses as they stand in front of the Rocky statue.”

First published as “Sweat” in the June 2017 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

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