The Checkup: The Bloat-Banishing Superstar You Should Be Eating Now

• It’s asparagus season, friends! And it just so happens, asparagus is both delicious and a powerful tool when it comes to banishing bloat. So, eat up! [MindBodyGreen]

• Because pretending you’re a kid is simply more fun that remembering you’re an adult with real-life responsibilities: The ultimate playground workout. [Outside]

• Weird! The healthiest way to cook mushrooms is — drumroll, please! — in the … microwave? [TIME]

• The weather has been pretty darn fickle, but mosquito season will eventually arrive. Here’s what Philly health officials want you to know about Zika before that time comes. [Billy Penn]

• The key to making the best tomato sauce, sans sugar? Bake it in the oven. Really! [Food52]

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