Hey, Race Junkies: The ClassPass of Running Just Launched

An annual subscription gets you bibs for a range of races through throughout the year.

Calling all race junkies! A tech-savvy trio of runners wanted to figure out a way to simplify the act of signing up for races. Enter Racepass, the just-launched service for runners.

The subscription set-up for Racepass might sound a little familiar to you, if the name didn’t already give it away — it’s somewhat similar to ClassPass, but instead of fitness classes, you sign up for races. For Racepass, there are three levels (they call them “pass options”) for your annual subscription that allow you to register for a certain number of races per year, depending on your membership level: contender, athlete or pro. For $195 a year, the contender option allows runners to register for three races; for $295 per year, the athlete option allows runners to register for five races; and for $695 per year, the pro option allows runners to register for an unlimited number of races.

The cool thing about Racepass, aside from it simplifying and, in some cases, lowering the cost of registration, is that it connects runners with over 5,000 races in 30 countries, featuring a mish-mash of bigger and smaller (perhaps overlooked) races. The creators of Racepass decided to leave out races that are on the super-pricey side, as well as those that require drawing or bidding for entry (think: the New York Marathon), they told Runner’s World. Right now, the service is only available through its website, but they tell Runner’s World a mobile app is on its way.

Locally, in Philly and the ‘burbs, Racepass has a bunch of upcoming races on the lineup, ranging from the Night Nation Run to the PARCA Run for Rhinos in the city to a whole slew of fun runs and walks and a Run the Vineyards 5K in Chaddsford. You can explore the new service for yourself here.

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