The Checkup: The Coffee Mistake to Blame for Your Mid-Morning Hanger

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• There was a time in a my life when I would drink not one, but TWO Venti White Mochas from Starbucks every. Single. Day. My point: I’m not here to judge. That said, if you feel your energy slumping and hunger setting in after your sweet morning mocha (or chai, or whatever your syrup-laden caffeinated drink of choice is), even though you JUST ate breakfast, you might want to try a plain ol’ black coffee, says dietitian Keith Kantor. [Women’s Health]

• In this day and age, treating yourself to a digital detox can feel just as fantasy-like as the idea of treating yourself to a tour of Hogwarts. An approach that might be more realistic: Digital minimalism. [Fast Company]

• Science just found that swearing mid-workout could make you work harder. (You might get some strange stares from your gym neighbors, though.) [Wired]

Cloud eggs are the new (slightly more instagrammable) scrambled eggs. [Men’s Health]

• If your response to “How are you?” is “STRESSED LIKE OH MY GOD I MIGHT CRY,” take note: Here are three ways to de-stress at your desk in under a minute. [Well + Good]

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