The Checkup: 30 Days of Sugar-Free Meals You Can Easily Copy (No, Really!)

And more healthy reads for your morning!

• If you responded to our recent post outlining what 21 days without sugar with a short and sweet “But HOW?” this should help you wrap your head around how to do it: A writer over at BuzzFeed documented 30 days of meals while completing a challenge of 30 days without added sugar. Seeing the photos makes the whole idea much more digestible. (See what I did there?) [BuzzFeed]

• A debate for you to have with yourself: Are yoga classes too long for modern life? [The Atlantic]

• We know it’s been lovely out of late, but you might want to cut back on those happy hour rooftop roses: The link between between alcohol and breast cancer just got stronger. [TIME]

Homesteading is making a comeback, and after seeing these Instagram photos, you’re going to want to hop off the grid and become self-sufficient. [Bon Appétit]

• If you weren’t already obsessed with Lululemon, here’s a reason to be: Their return policy is pretty darn unbeatable. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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