The Checkup: What You Can Do Anywhere to Get Your Best Butt Yet 

And more healthy reads for your Monday morning!

• For anyone and everyone who is trying to up their belfie (that’s a butt selfie, for the uninitiated) game, here are trainers’ top picks for booty-perfecting exercise moves you can do just about anywhere, as long as you’ve got about the space a yoga mat would take up to work with. Think: sumo squats, curtsy lunges, bridges and more. [Self]

• If you always say you’re going to become one of those noble people who eats mostly vegetables, but then popcorn and brownies and pasta call your name, take note: 95 easy ways to get more veggies in your life. [TIME]

Napping classes are now a thing, and we honestly wish we could book one through ClassPass right this second. [Huffington Post]

Primal eating: It’s kind of like eating Paleo, but with less rules. We can dig it. [Well + Good]

• Turns out your annoying friend who Instagrams all of his salads could be on to something. [Futurity]

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