The Checkup: The Abs Exercises You Should Probably Stop Wasting Time Doing

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday.

• We are all about efficiency around these parts (because why waste time doing one thing when you could spend it analyzing Lemonade yet again?). If you are too, you’ll want to take note of these abs exercises that, according to a trainer, are probably a waste of your time if a flat stomach is your goal. [Prevention]

• The other day, my fiancé brought home a book by that guy who claims to get his nutrition advice from a ghost. My point: It’s easy to believe something is legit if it’s on the shelves of Barnes & Noble. But here, health writer James Hamblin points out some pretty glaring problems when it comes to books hawking health advice. [The Atlantic]

• Here’s good news for your wallet: Apparently, in order to reap the benefits of kombucha, you really only need a two- to four-ounce serving. So a bottle can go a loooong way. [Well + Good]

• Turns out cinnamon isn’t just good for controlling your blood sugar, it could be a powerful anti-aging tool, too. [TIME]

• Because the sun is coming out which means new runners will be taking to the trails: Five tips one new runner wishes someone had shared with her before she started pounding the pavement. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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