The Checkup: 7 After-Workout Eating Mistakes You’re Making

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• Stop everything: Philadelphia-based physician Rob Danoff, who specializes in sports medicine, says, oftentimes, you don’t actually need to refuel after exercise. Say whaaat?! Here, experts dish on the seven post-workout eating mistakes we’re all making. [Runner’s World]

• Interesting! By this point, we all know keeping our guts in tip-top shape is key for a glowing complexion — but did you know you should be paying a whole lot of attention to your liver, too? [Well + Good]

• Aaaaaand it’s official: Gluten-free college dining halls have arrived. The first two in the country are at Kent State and Cornell. [New York Times]

• Here, exactly what happens when you skip a week (or three) of workouts. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

ClassPass’s new policy, allowing you to hit your favorite studio as many times per month as you damn please, could pay off big for your muscles. (Hint: turns out switching it up too often can screw with your fitness progress.) [Women’s Health]

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