7 Unexpected Spots to Score Awesome Workout Gear in Philly

Three Philly fitness trainers share their favorite not-so-obvious spots to score great gear around town.

We’ve all been there: You realize that maaaaybe you’ve been rocking that T-shirt that was once white, but is now leaning much closer to a gray or yellow hue, and those shorts with a hole in the crotch (that is becoming increasingly noticeable) a bit too long. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it might be time to update your workout wardrobe. So, to take the guesswork out of the shopping experience, we asked some folks who wear workout clothes for a living — local fitness instructors — to dish on the unexpected spots where they find their favorite workout gear, right here in Philly and the ‘burbs.

Gina Mancuso of Core Fitness, Adriana Adelé of Three Queens Yoga and John Goldthorp of Fix Your Run spill on the hidden workout-gear gems nestled around town. 

The Gap and the Gap Outlet
Multiple locations
Center City’s The Gap and The Gap Outlet are located just a few blocks apart (1510 Walnut Street and 1912 Chestnut Street), so you could potentially hit up either to find Gina Mancuso’s must have athletic staple: the white T-shirt. “I am obsessed with white T-shirts and Gap has a never-ending supply of every style ever made.”  Anytime she’s in the mood for a fresh white T-shirt (“which is typcially every other Tuesday,” she says), Mancuso counts on Gap to be the place where she can find “a tank top, short sleeve V-neck, long sleeve scoop neck or any other variation of a white tee that I absolutely must have.” John Goldthorp piggybacks on Mancuso’s T-shirt obsession by throwing some kudos to the Breathe Crewneck from the GapFit line. Goldthorp says, “My female clients love them, and they’re surprisingly durable given the affordable price!”

T.J. Maxx
550 Lancaster Avenue, Wayne
But not just any ol’ T.J. Maxx. Adelé is talking about the one in Wayne, a spot she says stocks some serious workout gems. “A good friend of mine got a Manduka 5mm eKo mat there for $20,” she says. Say whaaaat?

Century 21
821 Market Street, Washington Square West 
As Goldthorp says, “They carry big name brands like Nike and Adidas, but also cool, lesser known brands like Rhone, a men’s fitness apparel brand. “The best part, he says, is that “their prices are very nicely discounted!” (And we can vouch for their women’s fitness section, too — they scored a Best of Philly award for their fitness offerings last year.)

1608 Chestnut Street, Rittenhouse
When you think of Uniqlo, you probably picture comfy basics and Heattech winter wears, but would like to remind you that they have a pretty extensive activewear line as well. The line features gear built for a bunch of different workout activities and is designed to keep you cool and dry. And like everything else at Uniqlo, the workout gear is “pretty reasonably priced, so you can stock up,” Adelé says.

2Bs Activewear
371 Highland Avenue, Glenside or online
“Another favorite, and the opposite of the white tee, is anything from 2Bs Activewear,” says Mancuso. “The pants are perfect for long legs — they’re just the right length and they never slide down,” reports Mancuso. You can find the gear online or shop in person at LA Fitness in Abington. The clothing is designed by Beverly Brown, a native Philadelphian and athlete (and past Be Well Philly Health Hero finalist!) who, according to Mancuso, will come to your home, work or event to do a pop-up show so you can try things on. Side note: Mancuso met Beverly Brown and 2Bs at last year’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp last year (#connections).

Multiple locations
Target is probably already on your errand list because it has literally everything, and that includes some pretty great workout gear that’s totally affordable. “Their workout gear comes in a range of sizes that hold up — some of my fave go-to sports bras are four years old from the Target Champion line!” says Adriana Adelé.

Under Armour
1529 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse
You might be thinking, Um, I thought this was supposed to be a list of unexpected spots. Well, the unexpected part here is that fitness pros are raving about Under Armour’s undies section. That’s the true goldmine,according Mancuso. They’re known for their workout-friendly Pure Stretch underwear, which comes in a range of styles and colors, each pair ringing in at 12 bucks.

But perhaps the most unexpected spot to find workout clothes: Your closet. “I know this isn’t a store but seriously what’s a better deal than free? While it’s nice to have new shiny outfits, you really don’t need anything new, fancy, or special to do yoga or get a good sweat on. Root around the bottom of your workout clothes drawer and fall back in love with an old tank that you totally forgot about,” Adelé encourages.

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