The Checkup: This Goal-Setting Tweak Could Be Your Ticket to Lasting Weight Loss

And more healthy reads for your Monday!

• I think it’s safe to say that now, at the beginning of March, a good chunk of us have traded our New Year’s resolutions of weight loss or money-saving or whatever in for, well, happy hours complete with nachos. If your hand is raised, take note of the goal-setting strategy called design thinking: It forces you to dig deeper to identify the root reason for why you’re setting a goal, whether that’s weight-loss related or not, so that you actually — really! — stick with it. [Shape]

Scranton’s YMCA has banned 24-hour news networks in their gyms. Turns out, talk of politics was screwing with people’s endorphin rush. [The Cut]

• When was the last time veggies made their way into your breakfast? Here, a dietitian explains why you should be tossing spinach into everything from your eggs to your oatmeal. [Women’s Health]

Blending your food — yes, as in literally putting a plate of chicken and greens beans into a blender and then drinking it — could keep you full longer. (Though, your quality of life will probably drop.) [The Atlantic]

• Here, how a chef does Whole30. Spoiler: he’s not that much better at it than you. [Bon Appétit]

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