The Checkup: 4 Workouts to Skip If Weight Loss Is Your Top Priority

And more healthy reads to start your day.

• Workouts all have their benefits, but weight loss isn’t necessarily the leading benefit for all of them. Here, a personal trainer dishes on the four workouts you should steer clear of if weight loss is your main goal. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Here’s how many extra calories per day you consume by dumping sugar into your coffee and tea, new research shows. [Fast Company]

• Fellow avocado lovers, be warned: RD and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Sonya Angeline says you should keep your fix to half an avocado a day. (Who else needs to do some weaning?) [Women’s Health]

• Well, this is welcome news: If you’re doing an HIIT workout for more than 30 minutes, you’re doing it wrong. [Well + Good]

• Well, this is scary: This week, the World Health Organization put out a list of 12 superbugs that pose great risk to human health. [Men’s Health]

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