Be Well Workout of the Week: Torch Calories in 30 Minutes With HIIT

All you need for this workout is a stopwatch, so no excuses.

For this workout you’ll need your stopwatch — and that’s about it! You’ll do the following circuit four times, doing each exercise for 50 seconds for the first round, 40 seconds for the second round, 30 seconds for the third, and 20 seconds for the final round. So work hard during the time allotted for each round, and push yourself to keep the intensity for the entire interval. You can rest easy knowing the whole shebang  should ring it at under 30 minutes.

Be Well Workout of the Week: Torch Calories in 30 Minutes With HIIT

Instructions: Go through circuit four times, starting with 50-seconds rounds of each exercise, the 40-second rounds, then 30-second rounds, then 20-second rounds. 
10 high knees with one burpee (Do 10 high knees in place, go right into a burpee, then right back into your high knees in place.)
Squat to reverse lunge
Superman with arms in T
Downward dog push-ups
Lunge jumps
Side plank left
Side plank right

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Audrey McKenna Hasse is the owner of A.M.Fit, a personal training and healthy consultation business on the Main Line. You’ll find her workouts every week right here on Be Well Philly.

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