The Checkup: The Case for Embracing the Six-Hour Workday

And more reads to keep your mind and body healthy this week!

• Go ahead and email this post to your boss with the subject line “Hint, hint”: Swedish companies experimenting with the six-hour workday have found that workers are more efficient, more productive (!!) and happier than when they worked eight-hour days, all of which leads to better outcomes for employees (hello, mental health) and — probably what your boss cares about a teensy bit more — the business. [Fast Company]

• Can’t quit coffee, no matter how many “How to Quit Coffee” blog posts you read? No problem: New research out of Stanford University School of Medicine shows coffee is an anti-inflammatory superhero. Go ahead and refill your cup. [Epicurious]

• Shiva Rose waxed poetic about the muscle benefits of putting jade eggs into her lady parts on Goop. Now doctors are begging you to please (please!) not do that. [Huffington Post]

• The secret to making a poached egg look even fancier than usual? Add some turmeric to the poaching liquid for a golden hue. Ooooh!! [Bon Appétit]

• Because its Wednesday and headaches happen: Which foods to stash in your desk to stop a searing headache in its tracks. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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