The Checkup: Why You’re Bloated (And How to Deal) 

And more healthy reads for your Friday.

• Is there any worse feeling than that of your stomach expanding to the size of a mini basketball for reasons you can’t explain? No, probably not. Here, a gastroenterologist dishes on the major culprits of bloating, along with how to deal. Think: skipping straws and keeping stress in check, to start. [Refinery29]

• Every single yoga instructor I have ever known has used the word “purpose” at least 87 times per conversation. Research shows, they’re on to something: Living with a sense of purpose yields a longer life and a bigger bank account, research shows. [Science of Us]

• Because we all need a little extra push to pull up our leggings sometimes: 25 female celebrities on working out. [The Cut]

• Oprah, queen of life, does not care what the number on the scale says. Now, excuse us while we go throw away our scale. [The Motto]

• BREAKING NEWS: All carbs are not evil, and this type of starch is actually really great for you. [TIME]

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