The Checkup: The Drink You Should Start Every Morning With (No, It’s Not Coffee)

Lemon water is what’s UP. Not only is a great for your skin, drinking a warm cup of it first thing in the morning kick-starts your digestive system, supports weight loss, and balances your body’s pH levels. Plus, drinking it makes you feel like Gwyneth Paltrow for a few precious minutes every morning, and who doesn’t want to feel like Beyoncé’s BFF for a little bit of their day, every day? [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Fact: Plain ol’ planks can get VERY boring. Here, your guide to spicing ‘em up. [Refinery29]

• Why aren’t doctors — the folks who preach the importance of sleep for just about all of our bodily functions — getting enough sleep themselves? [The Atlantic]

• If you eat in front of the TV (because what else is one supposed to do while eating?), you’re going to want to break that habit, stat. Apparently, soaking up Chelsea (or any show) while chowing down could lead you to consume 300 more calories (!!) then if you just hit pause. [Men’s Health]

• Is there any easier, more satisfying dinner than scrambled eggs and toast? No, no there is not. Here, 13 ways to switch up your scrambled eggs so you never, ever get tired of them. [Greatist]

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