The Checkup: It Takes This Many Jumping Jacks to Burn Off Your Favorite Halloween Candy

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• A little treat from your office’s Halloween bowl every now and then won’t kill you, but next time you’re contemplating your 17th trip of the hour to the Halloween bowl (hey, we all have those days), refer to this depressing chart outlining approximately how many jumping jacks it takes to burn off just one treat-sized portion of your favorite Halloween candy, from Butterfingers (that would be 567 jumping jacks) to Charleston Chews (only 200). [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Time to get with your yogi friend’s program and get weird with your breathing. Turns out, just a few minutes of Ayurvedic breathing can help to lower inflammation, which is associated with everything from skin problems to chronic diseases. [Well + Good]

• A great way to start your day: Read Refinery29’s roundup of Philly author Jennifer Weiner’s best body-positive tweets. (She’s got lots of ‘em.) [Refinery29]

• Here, an ode to city running. Because dodging rush-hour crowds on the SRT can make you forget that you actually really love it. [Outside Online]

• Interesting! Turns out, contrary to popular belief, ovaries may be able to produce new eggs after all. [The Cut]

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