The Checkup: The Formula to Conquer Your To-Do List Every Day (It’s Possible!)

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• To-do lists are tricky. You can put everything you need to get done in the day or week onto a piece of paper, but that doesn’t necessarily help you figure out where to start or how the heck to cross everything off. That’s where the ABCDE to-do list method, designed to help you prioritize and knock out the bazillion things you need to get done, comes in. [Fast Company]

• And speaking of anxiety-inducing to-do lists, a trainer designed a workout to get your heart pumping while simultaneously helping to relieve anxiety. Whether it works, we don’t know — but worth a try, right? [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Here, why Victoria Beckham eats salmon every freakin‘ day, plus more tips from Posh Spice for living your best healthy life. [Well + Good]

• The Naked green juices you’re addicted to are really more like orange and apple juices with some kale thrown in the mix. Womp, womp. [Science of Us]

• Prone to bloating? You’re going to want to go for cooked veggies instead of raw, dietitians say. Raw veggies take up more room in your GI tract which can be bad news for your belly. [Women’s Health]

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