You Can Do Yoga with Cats at Fishtown’s PSPCA This Month

Cat lovers, rejoice!

Raise your hand if you love yoga. Now raise your hand if you love cute furry felines. Now raise your hand if combining the two sounds like a dream come true. The folks at the PSPCA agree, which is why they’ll be hosting just that, a Yoga with Cats class, at their Fishtown center on Sunday, October 23rd.

Just think of the kitten-filled Instagram story you will create.

The event, an hourlong all-levels yoga class taught by Meredith Magoon, will be held in the PSCPCA’s Fishtown location (1546 Frankford Avenue) with adoptable cats roaming about while you get your downward dog on. It’ll kick off at 9 a.m. and cost to get in on the action is $15, all of which will go toward the PSPCA.

And note: Philly Style Bagels is just up the street from the PSPCA, so you can do yoga with cats AND get your hands on America’s best sandwich, as named by Bon Appétit, all before 11 a.m. Best. Sunday. Ever. Space for the class is pretty limited at just around 20 spots, so if you want in, sign up here stat.

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