The Checkup: Trying to Slash Belly Fat? Start By Doing This

And more healthy reads to kick off your week.

• We’ve got a pretty good reason for you to press snooze tomorrow morning (you’re welcome): According to dietitian Rebecca Mohning, when it comes to ditching unwanted belly fat, improving your sleep habits and reducing stress should should be the first places you start, as cortisol (that’s the stress hormone) has a whole lot to do with belly fat. In her words, in the fat against belly fat, “If you’re exhausted, it’s better to sleep the extra 40 minutes than to exercise.” You heard the woman! [Washington Post]

Avocado, peaches and pecans: What do all three of these foods have in common? Apparently, they taste great frozen. Who knew? [Prevention]

• Chances are, you will be involved in some sort of brainstorming session this workweek. Here, how to unearth the best ideas so that said brainstorming session doesn’t end up feeling like a waste of time. [Fast Company]

• “Don’t forget to breathe!” is a favorite instruction with fitness pros all across the board. If you’re always wondering what the heck they’re actually talking about, here: How to breathe — properly — through every kind of workout, from weight-lifting to vinyasa yoga. [Well + Good]

Grapefruit water: The new lemon water? [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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