The Checkup: The Inflammation-Fighting Ingredient You Can Add to Anything 

And more healthy reads to kickstart your morning.

• If you’ve been to Whole Foods lately, you know: Turmeric, a root known for its inflammation-fighting powers, is EVERYWHERE, from the spice aisle to the bottled water aisle. And if these three very different turmeric-filled recipes — they range from baked eggs to puffed pancakes to garlic root mash — are any indication, a dose of the root is a fit addition for just about anything you’re whipping up. [Well + Good]

• Fact: You need to wash your pillowcase WAY more often than you have been — at least if you want glowing, Kim Kardashian-esque skin. [Pillowcase]

• I was just on a run with a friend who mentioned she’s having some serious knee pain. If you’re in the same boat, here’s your handy three-step approach to get rid of it. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Tomorrow morning, when you’re wishing you could sleep a few more minutes, know that you can: Just ditch your makeup routine. Alicia Keys did it to attend the VMAs which means you can surely do it to attend the office. [The Cut]

• Someone designed a mattress that is optimal for both a good night’s sleep AND cuddling. Read: No more waking up with a dead arm in the middle of the night! [Self]

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