The Checkup: This Is the Exact Time When Fitness Studios Are Most Crowded

Or: When to Avoid Your Fitness Studio 

• Hate filing into an overcrowded fitness class and being forced to rub (very sweaty) shoulders with complete strangers? (Understandable.) Well, ClassPass rounded up tons of their data and figured out the most popular times to work out, based on region. In the northeast, that time is 6:30 p.m. In other words, if you hate super-crowded fitness classes, you should probably rearrange your schedule. [Women’s Health]

• Could you do all your grocery shopping for a week on just $29? One Well + Good editor tried. [Well + Good]

• Here, a very long list of reasons — from health perks to mental boosts to social benefits — why the more walkable the streets in your city are, the more awesome life is. [Fast Company]

• Oof: A new WHO report finds that obesity is linked to 13 different cancers — at least. [New York Times]

• The chork — that would be a chopstick/fork hybrid — is the new spork. [Washington Post]

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