The Checkup: The One-Ingredient Condiment That Packs a Surprisingly Big Protein Punch

And more healthy reads to kick your week off.

• Watermelons are in season right now, and if you’re going for the seedless guys, you’re missing out. Turns out watermelon seeds are packed with protein. Who knew?! And naturally, someone has created watermelon seed butter — which boasts an impressive eight grams of protein per serving — so you can easily spread them onto a sandwich or underneath some avocado toast and work them into your diet without, you know, gagging. Here, Well + Good dishes on where to find that plus seven more condiments you should have on your pantry shelves. [Well + Good]

• ’Tis the season for tank tops. If you’re looking to tone your shoulders and arms, this is the move you should be doing. [Women’s Health]

• WTF is up with the “natural” label? Well, that’s exactly what the FDA is trying to figure out. [Fast Company]

• In case you were curious, this is what the co-founder of Sweetgreen eats in a week. If you’re anything like me, you’ll immediately embark on a quest to get a job at Sweetgreen HQ — where they have Sweetgreen salads delivered every damn day for lunch for the entire staff — after reading this. [Grub Street]

• Here, a neuroscientist explains why reading in a moving vehicle makes you want to vomit all over said vehicle. [Science of Us]

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