Resistance Band Exercises: 19 Ways to Get Ripped Using a Resistance Band

Give the free weights a break and pick up one of these bad boys instead.

If you don’t have a resistance band lying around your house somewhere, you should run out and grab one, stat. These portable, travel-friendly exercise bands are the perfect way to ease yourself into strength training if you’re a beginner or change things up when your workout routine is getting a little too, well, routine.

To get you started with your resistance-band obsession, we’ve rounded up 19 ways to use a resistance band to get ripped, below. From full-body workouts that shred every muscle in your body, to specific exercises that zoom in one muscle group, like your core and glutes, we’ve got you covered, below.

Resistance Band Exercises

1. Lunge Kickback with Resistance Band

2. Squat with Lateral Leg Raises with Resistance Band

3. Leg Raise with Hip Abduction Resistance Band

4. Donkey Kicks with Resistance Band

5. Band-Resisted Clam Shell Exercise 

6. Lateral Band Walks

7. Reverse Crunch with Resistance Band

8. Kneeling Abs Crunch with Resistance Band

9. Standing Abs Crunch with Resistance Band

10. Woodchoppers with Resistance Band 

11. Russian Twist with Resistance Band

12. Resistance Band Bicep Curls

13. Standing Rows with Resistance Band

14. Seated Rows with Resistance Band

15. Plank Row with Resistance Band

16. Tricep Kickback with Resistance Band

17. Triceps Extension with Resistance Band

18. Standing Chest Press with Resistance Band

19. 30-Minute Total-Body Resistance Band Workout

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