The Checkup: The Trick to Cut Calories Every Single Time You Order Delivery

And more heathy reads for your Thursday.

• We’ve all been there: You’ve been working away at your desk, incredibly focused, when all of a sudden your stomach lets out a big growl and you realize and you realize you need to eat — like, now.  You quickly call up your favorite delivery joint and order the most drool-inducing, satisfying meal you can think of. But newsflash: You should be ordering way earlier. A recent study suggests that ordering food at least an hour before you’re usually hungry could help you save in the calories department. [Futurity]

• I grew up being told to follow the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) diet when I’m feeling sick to my stomach. While that’s great and all, it can get a little bland. Luckily ginger and mint are apparently tummy-friendly flavors that can be added to the list. Hello, flavor!  [SELF]

• We love eating zoodles for dinner so when we heard about zoats for breakfast, we were more than ready to turn in our usual oatmeal and give it a taste. [Well + Good]

• Here, how to spice up your basic plank as well. You’re welcome. [Women’s Health]

• Yet, another reason to simply adore avocados: They have a very low sugar count compared to many other fruits. (Watch out for cherries, though.) [Runner’s World]

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