Sanders Delegate Running 1,200 Miles — Yes, Running — to Philly for DNC


Michael Gibino is running from MN to PA. | Photo via Facebook

Michael Gibino is running from Minnesota to Pennsylvania | Photo via Facebook

Hat tip to the folks over at PhillyVoice for making our morning and bringing this (maybe insane, yet insanely cool) Bernie Sanders delegate, who is running 1,200 miles (!!) to Philly for the DNC, to our attention. Yes, you read that correctly: Running 1,200 miles. 

Michael Gibino, a Democratic delegate, is running from his hometown in St. Paul, Minnesota to Philadelphia in 30 days days to make it for the DNC. As PhillyVoice reports, each day, Gibino covers about 40 miles, running from 8 a.m. to noon and then starting up again around 1 p.m. and running until 7 p.m. His friend and fellow runner Emily Denny drives ahead of him in what has affectionately been dubbed the “Bino Mobile” and updates the blog and Facebook page where people can track his “Bino Runs 4 Bernie” journey.

Gibino is encouraging local runners to join him, Rocky-style, as he pounds the pavement through their towns. He has an extensive list of all the places he’ll be trekking through before making it to Philly on his blog. Around Philly, he will be in Lancaster on July 21st, West Chester on July 22nd and finally arriving in Philly on July 23rd.

We wish you luck, Michael Gibino. We’re sure you’ll be feeling the burn (har, har) after this one.

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