The Checkup: Why You Should Stop Drinking Your Coffee Piping Hot, Stat

And more healthy reads for your Thursday.

• Good news, coffee addicts of the world: Yesterday, the World Health Organization officially took coffee off of its list of possible carcinogens, which it’s been on since 1991, and said that drinking coffee could actually protect against a number of cancers. That said, researchers did note that, surprisingly, drinking coffee—or any beverage, for that matter—when it’s super hot could contribute to esophageal cancer, so make sure to let your java cool before you sip! [New York Times]

• Here, nine ways to up the calorie-burning powers of walking. Because, let’s be honest: Sometimes a walk is the only workout you’re going to get in a day. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Because running a half marathon isn’t already hard enough, this runner just set a record for running 13.1 miles in dress shoes. Can the man get a round of applause? [Runner’s World]

• Here, a doc explains why the number on your scale bounces around from day to day. (Because you KNOW you’ve wondered.) [Women’s Health]

• Uh-oh: Whole Foods just got a slap on the wrist from the FDA. [Well + Good]

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