The Checkup: Banish Bloat By Filling Your Grocery Cart With These 15 Foods

And more healthy reads to kick off your week.

• Who else ate ALL the Philly Style Bagels this weekend? If you’re feeling a bit bloated, these 15 foods are the answer: From fennel to bananas to good ol’ avocado, each of them helps in the de-bloating department. [Health]

• An explanation for the set-up of the modern day workweek: We have hangovers to thank for two-day weekends. [Science of Us]

• There’s no doubt about it: Race selfies are a huge part of the whole race experience at this very 21st-Century point in time. But is that a good thing? [New York Times]

• There’s a new genre of celebrity in town: Fit moms. Famous for being, well, very fit moms. [The Cut]

• Consider this interview your motivation for the week: Serena Williams dishes on her philosophy when it comes to winning, being tired (like, REALLY tired), and sexism in the sports industry. [Glamour]

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