The Checkup: These Are the Best Cities for Fitness in America (No, Philly Did Not Make the Cut)

And more healthy headlines for your morning.

• Looks like D.C. is kicking our butt when it comes to the fitness game. The District was just ranked the fittest city in the country for the third year in a row by the American Fitness Index, followed by Minneapolis in second place and Denver in third. Philly came down much further on the list at number 24. Let’s work on that, shall we? [Huffington Post]

• A giant new study of over a million men and women found that getting your sweat on regularly can reduce the risk of 13 different cancers by 20 percent. How’s that for fitness motivation? [TIME]

• Wait, wait, wait, what? Consumer Reports just found that a big chunk of sunscreens — like 74-percent-of-mineral-sunscreens BIG — don’t live up to their SPF claims. [Well + Good]

• Here, why you shouldn’t keep the fact that you’re overwhelmed, drowning and losing your mind at work to yourself. [Science of Us]

• You’ve been peeling bananas all wrong — here’s how you should be doing it. [Men’s Health]

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