The Checkup: How You Should Be Washing Your Hands (You’re Definitely Doing It Wrong) 

And more reads to keep you healthy this Wednesday.

• If you’ve been slapping some soap on your hands, rubbing them together for a few seconds, rinsing, and calling that a good wash, we’ve got news for you: A new study published in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology says you should actually be using this 43-second, six-move — yes, it’s a LOT to remember — method to effectively get rid of germs when washing your hands. [Women’s Health]

• Fitness phenom Orangetheory Fitness, which has opened a number of locations around Philly in the past few months, claims they will “be the most impactful fitness brand in the world in five years.” Humble, no? [Miami Herald]

Night owls, we’ve got some good news for you (for once): A new study shows late risers might be wired to be more innovative in life. [Science of Us]

• This aging expert says you should have sex every day. (His reasoning is basically: “Why not?”) [Well + Good]

• Yikes: Frozen berries sold at Costco have been linked to a Hepatitis A outbreak in Canada. [TIME]

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