Bummer: The Philly 5 Mile Has Been Canceled 

Turns out Memorial Day doesn't make for a good race day.

If you were planning on tackling the Philly 5 Mile over Memorial Day, time to make new plans: Race organizers have canceled the new running/yoga/music fest. As Skip Stiles, one of the race organizers, tells us, sign-ups weren’t where they’d liked for them to have been and they were getting feedback that Memorial Day just isn’t a good day for a race. After all, just about everyone in Philly has standing plans to head to the Shore come the last weekend of May.

There’s a note posted on the Philly 5 Mile’s website, which you can see below, and if you’d already signed up to participate in the event, you should have gotten an email yesterday with information about refunds.

the philly 5 mile canceledAs Stiles says, “We’re making this call and we’re going to focus on the Philly 10K and other feature events here.” But all hope is not lost: As he says, “We will probably try to rehash this idea at some point.”

After getting emails about the event being canceled, a number of runners took to Run215 to chat about it, which sparked an interesting discussion about why, aside from the date of the race, some runners hadn’t signed up. The top two reasons seemed to be cost — the race plus BBQ plus concert was $75 — and the fact that they had to choose between running and yoga, and couldn’t do both. We’re sure the race organizers are taking note, and here’s to hoping the running/yoga/music fest makes a comeback in the future. Until then, a lovely Run215 member has created a list of alternate races in the 5-mile range that’s being added onto here. And remember, Wanderlust 108, another running-and-yoga combo, is coming to Philly in the fall — so you’ve got that to look forward to!

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