The Philly 10K Organizers Bringing Giant Yoga-and-Running Festival to the Navy Yard This Spring

the philly 5 mile leadGuys, guys, guys: I think this might be one of the most exciting fitness events we’ve written about, like, ever. Remember a few months ago, the organizers of the Philly 10K told us all to mark Memorial Day of this year as “busy” in our calendars? Well, now we know why. On Monday, May 30th, the organizers behind the Philly 10K are bringing us an awesome new annual event: their first-ever yoga-and-running festival — complete with a live concert, a BBQ catered by Lo Spiedo (with veg-friendly options!), and a beer garden courtesy of Yards Brewing Company. The event will go down at the Navy Yard, and the name of it? The Philly 5 Mile.

Excuse me while I go jump up and down with joy.

Okay, back. As race organizer Skip Stiles tells us, “This will be different from the Philly 10K in that it’s a festival built around a race.” As he explains, there will be three different options for registration: You can register for the five-mile run, which Stiles says is full of twists and turns and “covers areas of the Navy Yard that have never been run before” (as you pound the pavement, you can expect to run past ships, aircraft carriers, UBRN headquarters, and more); you can register for yoga, which will be a 45-minute BYO-mat session led by Nava Yoga at the Marine Parade Grounds; or you can register to just go to the post-race festival.

The race, which will max out at around 4,500 runners, and the yoga class, which will be open to around 300, will both start at 11 a.m. So pounding the pavement and get your downward dog on isn’t in the cards — but for all the yogis who’ve always wanted in on the post-run fun of a race without, you know, actually racing: Your wishes have been granted.

The post-race festival will be held at the Marine Parade Grounds from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., and you can expect party vibes. Think: a DJ, lots of BBQ, lots of beer, live music from bands GOOD OLD WAR and Work Drugs, yard games and more. Registration for the race, yoga or the party gets you a free Yards beer and a plate of BBQ, plus all the other fun stuff mentioned above. Runners will also get a race shirt and yogis will get some sort of event swag, though what exactly that will be is still in the works.

So, why’d they choose the Navy Yard? Well, as Stiles explains, “We are highlighting this awesome part of the city — this awesome and growing community — that is known as the Navy Yard but is really so much more than that.”

Registration will cost you $75 for the race, $55 for yoga or $40 for just the post-race festival and it will open here at 10 a.m. on Monday, February 29th. Until then, you can keep up with the Philly 5 Mile on Facebook and Instagram.

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