PSA: Egg Muffins Don’t Taste Nearly As Gross As They Look

Spinach, Mushroom and Pesto Egg Muffins | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Spinach, Mushroom and Pesto Egg Muffins | Photo by Adjua Fisher

I have a confession to make, guys: I have always been too grossed out by the photos of egg muffins — you know, those mini frittata-like things that you make in a muffin tin? — to actually make them. I mean, let’s be honest: The many, many photos of half-eaten egg muffins on Pinterest are doing the convenient breakfast food NO favors. And the name: Egg muffin. It just doesn’t sound like something you’re dying to eat, right?

But this weekend, I decided to conquer my fear and make a batch of these egg muffins, going off of this recipe from POPSUGAR Fitness. The only thing I really switched up was that I added pesto in when I was beating the eggs. And I only made six egg muffins, not 12, because I was really skeptical about whether I’d like them or not. No way I was wasting a dozen pasture-raised organic eggs on a failed experiment.

So I cut up a few shiitake mushrooms and some spinach, divided that mixture into six muffin cups and then poured six beaten eggs mixed with pesto over the veggies until each muffin cup was filled, with about a quarter-inch of space left. Then, per the instructions, I put the muffin tin in the oven at 350 degrees, baked the egg muffins for 20 minutes, and voila! They were ready.

But I was still skeptical.

They did not look very pretty (the Pinterest photos did not lie) and they had inflated soufflé-style and then deflated, which was disconcerting. But still, after letting them cool for a few minutes, I tried one. And much to my surprise, it was the freakin’ bomb. And in sentences I never thought would come out of my mouth: The egg muffins tasted even better reheated days later. I’ve had two egg muffins for breakfast for the past two days, and they’ve managed to maintain moisture and flavor. And while I’m usually an eggs-with-toast kind of gal, they are dense enough to be satisfying alone. Plus, they are so easily transportable. After I let them cool when I cooked them, I just split them into three baggies and have been able to grab a baggie on my way out the door each morning. So convenient!

And after I realized just how wonderful egg muffins really are, I felt like I’d been missing out for years — like when I discovered Dexter five years after it aired or when I finally (finally!) realized the magic that is an eyebrow pencil. So I figured a PSA was necessary, because there is absolutely no way I am the only person who has been denying egg muffins a place in their kitchen for years due to some unsightly photos on Pinterest. So, if you, like me, thought egg muffins were probably as drool-worthy as expired Greek yogurt, know: Sometimes the 1,000 words a picture says are way off.

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