The Checkup: The Genius Way to Get the Last Bit of Peanut Butter Out of the Jar 

And more healthy reads to start your weekend.

• Have you ever sprained your wrist twisting and turning a spoon trying to get the last bit of peanut butter out from the bottom of the jar? Don’t be embarrassed — we’ve all been there. But never again thanks to this genius hack — which works the peanut butter into hot chocolate! — to use the last unreachable bits of PB. Genius, I tell you! [Food52]

• You know how people say you eventually start to look like the person you’re married to? Well, turns out this is true when it comes to your immune system. A new study found that married couples had, essentially, look-alike immune systems. [Science of Us]

• Whoa: A recent study found that meditation changes your brain and those changes that happen in your brain could lead to lower levels of inflammation. Inflammation is linked to all sorts of health problems, so this is a BIG deal. [New York Times]

• This guy just spent six years (!!) biking around the world. #TheDream, right? [BBC]

• Wearing headphones — in yoga? Apparently it’s a thing. [Well + Good]

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