The Checkup: Happy Hour Drinks That Won’t Cost You More Than 100 Calories

And more healthy (er, healthy-ish) morning reads.

• Proof it’s possible to hit up an after-work happy hour without completely blowing your diet: A slew of dietitian-approved drinks and cocktails, most of which are under 100 calories per drink. [Eat Clean]

• Womp, womp: A new study on happiness found that Americans actually become less happy as we age, contradicting previous research that’s shown people’s happiness steadily grows as they get older. Nooooooo. [The Atlantic]

• If you think the act of spooning should fall off a cliff and die and never, ever come back, you are not alone. [Slate]

• Victory for all who wear their yoga pants all the time! “Athleisure” is getting a spot in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. [The New York Times]

Guinness is going vegan! For nearly 300 years, they’ve used a byproduct of fish bladders to filter yeast, but, to the joy of many-a stout-loving vegan, they’re planning on using a new system of filtration at their flagship brewery in Ireland come 2016. [Yahoo Health]

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