The Checkup: When to Schedule a Workout So That You Actually Stick to It

And more morning reads to make your week healthier.

• New research done by Jawbone found that the magic hour for working out and staying consistent with your workouts (i.e. not skipping out for more sleep or happy hour) is 6 a.m. Bring on the coffee, please! [Yahoo Health]

• The Mediterranean lifestyle is the new Mediterranean diet. According to this cardiologist, we should all do as folks in the Mediterranean do — stress less, enjoy more time outdoors, make every meal a time to socialize with friends and family, and so on — for our health. [The New York Times]

• Have you ever bought a butternut squash, only to get home and realize that you have zero idea how to crack it open? Well, here’s one foolproof method sure to make your fall way easier. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

Salt-N-Pepa (yes, as in the ‘80s rap duo) activewear is comin’ your way. The name of the line? Push It. Because duh. [Well + Good]

• Just one more reason running to work is a good idea: Any sort of aerobic exercise gets your brain in shape to be at its sharpest, particularly within the 90 to 120 minutes following your workout. So if you run straight into the office, you’ll be primed to kill it for the first few hours you’re there. [Outside]

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