The Checkup: Here’s How Many Calories a CrossFit Workout Really Burns

And more must-reads in today's Checkup.



• Researchers at Kennesaw State University tested a popular CrossFit workout and noticed an “impressive” calorie burn — to the tune of 261 calories in just 20 minutes. [Men’s Health]

• Did you stay up too late watching Law and Order: SVU? We’ve been there. Check out these expert-approved ways to make it through your workday in one piece. [Science of Us]

• Because you’ve always wondered: here’s what actually happens inside your body when your foot falls asleep. [Greatist]

• A-ha! How to remember a new acquaintance’s name (with a little help from science). [Huffington Post]

• If you run, and only run, you’re missing a whole lot of opportunity, fitness-wise. This 12-move workout, complete with animated GIFs to show you the moves, is just what you need to take your running game to the next level. [Q]

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