The Checkup: Never Had a Migraine? This Is What It Actually Feels Like

And more mind-opening reads to start your morning.

• Nearly 20 percent of women (and six percent of guys) experience migraines, but if you’ve never had one, it can be really hard to understand what it feels like. To help people get it, the folks over at the Huffington Post, got some great quotes — “It’s like a tire pump constantly filling up a balloon of agony that never pops, but pulsates for hours on end.” —  from migraine sufferers explaining what it feels like. [Huffington Post]

• This no-electricity dishwasher, currently in the prototype phase, doubles as a dish rack, making it the perfect fit for kitchens with no counter space. Gimme! [Fast Company]

• My boyfriend is currently a sniffling, sad mess. He’s sick because, well, it’s that season. If you are, too, take note: These are the best (and worst) foods to eat when you’re feeling under the weather. [Greatist]

• Say goodbye to the underwhelming cafeteria salad bar you frequent way too often: Two weeks of healthy lunches, plus the weekly shopping lists you’ll need to make ‘em, right this way. [Refinery29]

• Behold the outdoorsy van life you never knew you wanted. [Outside]

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