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10 Healthy Things to Do Around Philly When It’s Too Darn Hot Outside

Look, you don’t have to tell us twice that it’s ridiculously hot out there. And while even the idea of going for a run in […]

Be Well Philly

Kayaking Excursions On the Delaware Return For a Second Summer

This story has been updated. When someone coming to Philly for the first time asks for a “must-do,” it’s common to hear (and give) recommendations […]

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8 Corn Mazes Near Philadelphia to Explore This Fall

Fall is fast approaching, and all we can think about is allll our favorite fall activities we’re going to spend every weekend doing. Drinking pumpkin spice […]

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50 Acres of East Fairmount Park to Reopen to Public After Years of Being Fenced Off

Remember back when Emily, our fearless Be Well Philly leader, rappelled down 31 stories in the middle of Center City one weekday afternoon? Yes: 31 stories. […]

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Get Outdoors! 5 Day-Trip Destinations to Let Out Your Inner Wild Thing

If you’re looking to escape the city — even for just a few hours — check out these outdoor adventures just a short drive from […]

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The Checkup: Never Had a Migraine? This Is What It Actually Feels Like

• Nearly 20 percent of women (and six percent of guys) experience migraines, but if you’ve never had one, it can be really hard to […]

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Happy Trails: The Best (Less Crowded) Places to Hike Around Philly

Going hiking during a fall weekend is a no-brainer: It doesn’t cost a dime, you get your heart rate up, and, oh, the leaves. But […]

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10 Best Picnic Spots in Philly 

Picnics are good for many things: soaking up some sun (with a layer of sunscreen on, of course!); avoiding a sad-desk-lunch situation; posting no-shoe, feet-on-blanket selfies […]

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The Ultimate Outdoors Cheat Sheet for Summer in Philadelphia

Summer is in full swing and, lucky for us, it seems the weather gods have blessed us with some pretty mild temperatures, easy on the […]

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The Great(er) Outdoors: 5 Must-Try Outdoor Adventures Around Philly

Don’t tell my boss, but this time of year I find myself spending more work hours staring wistfully out my office window — the gorgeous […]

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The Philly Fitness Lover’s Summer Bucket List: 15 Things You Have to Do

First we brought you guys the Ultimate Philly Fitness Bucket List and now, a bucket list made just for summertime. The 15 things we think […]