The Checkup: The Four-Minute Workout for Time-Crunched Days

And more muscle- and mind-shredding reads to start your day.

• You’ll want to bookmark this one, friends: an easy-to-follow, four-minute workout for those days when you’re strapped for time. [Health]

• Here’s a very interesting inside look at the very new field of cricket farming in the U.S. — the hope of these farmers being that one day we will all be eating crickets with happy, reckless abandon. [The Atlantic]

• You ready for a military-grade challenge? Add the insanely tough dragon walk move to your exercise protocol stat. [Refinery29]

• Yes, yes, yes to this: why we all need to learn how to take a compliment, without making disclaimers. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Joy, joy, joy: 13 yummy excuses to eat more peanut butter. [Self]

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